Milestone Documents in World History

Milestone Documents in World History

Exploring the Primary Sources That Shaped the World

Edited by Brian Bonhomme

Published by: Schlager Group Inc.

1872 pages, 8.50 x 11.00 in, Photographs and drawings

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9780979775864
  • Published: November 2009



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Milestone Documents in World History represents a unique and innovative approach to history reference. Combining full-text primary sources with in-depth expert analysis, the 125 entries in the 4-volume set cover important and influential primary source documents from the third millennium BCE to the twenty-first century and include documents that range from laws and legal codes to letters, from treaties to constitutions, from royal edicts to political speeches.

Our Approach

The entries in Milestone Documents in World History are designed to help students engage with and analyze primary sources through a consistent, structured approach. To this end, each entry is divided into 2 sections: analysis and document text. Here are the entry headings:

Analysis section

Overview gives a brief summary of the primary source document and its importance in history.

Context places the document in its historical framework.

About the Author presents a brief biographical profile of the person or persons who wrote the document.

Explanation and Analysis of the Document consists of a detailed examination of the document text, generally in section-by-section or paragraph-by-paragraph format.

Audience discusses the intended audience of the document's author.

Impact examines the historical influence of the document.

Questions for Further Study proposes study questions for students.

Further Reading lists books, articles, and websites for further research.

Document Text section

Document Text gives the actual text of the primary source.

Glossary defines important, difficult, or unusual terms in the document text.