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We are an educational publisher with an exclusive focus on primary sources. Beginning with 2008 publication of our flagship title, Milestone Documents in American History, we have sought to put primary sources at the heart of historical inquiry and research. Since then, in numerous award-winning reference titles along with our acclaimed electronic databases Milestone Documents Online (for K-12 schools) and Milestone Documents Custom Sourcebooks (for college classrooms), we have created diverse, accessible, expertly curated document collections across a wide range of U.S. and world history. Our publications help students and researchers engage with primary sources, practice historical thinking skills, and better understand the historical context of today's world. Our "Schlager Anthologies for Students" series, launched in 2021, offers urgent, inclusive, authoritative collections on American history. Coming in 2022 is must-have continuation of our Milestone Documents series: Milestone Visual Documents in American History, offering in-depth analysis of essential images, paintings, cartoons, and photographs from our nation's past.

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