About Us

Schlager Group is an independent educational publisher based in Dallas, Texas. Since 2008, we have created a growing list of reference titles geared toward high school and undergraduate college students. Through an exclusive focus on primary source documents, our titles have won numerous industry awards. Our titles are suitable across all History and AP History courses at the high school level as well as a wide range of core undergraduate courses taught at nearly every academic institution, both 2-year and 4-year, including History, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, American Government, and Religious Studies. Each of our titles is available in print, ebook, and print+ebook bundle form. Beginning in 2024, our ebooks are available via the Schlager Digital Library platform.

We also publish a digital primary source offering for college courses, Milestone Documents Custom Sourcebooks. To learn more about this service, visit http://www.milestonedocuments.com/.

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