Logo for Schlager Digital Library

At Schlager Group, We Champion Historical Knowledge 

In everything we do we champion the pursuit of historical knowledge by students and researchers, helping them to apply that understanding to today’s world. 

We believe simplicity, affordability, and accessibility are crucial for student success in today’s academic landscape. We understand the challenges students, faculty, and institutions face with rising costs for course materials. That’s why we offer high-quality, easy-to-use, DRM-free academic content at competitive prices, making knowledge accessible to all. 

With more than 2,500 primary sources, the Schlager Digital Library is a comprehensive database serving courses of study across U.S. and world history, ethnic and gender studies, American government, and religious studies. Through analysis of historical works, we believe students gain a deeper understanding of people and culture, an appreciation for history and complexity of the past, and insight into the scholarly approach to learning. 

Here’s how we simplify learning and empower the library:

  • Student Friendly: Our content is designed for easy download and use on all devices, removing the barriers to learning encountered with traditional textbooks.
  • Faculty Focused: Finding and assigning primary sources is streamlined. Our unlimited-use licenses allow faculty to confidently find and assign primary sources directly on their syllabus, using our resources as an e-text. 
  • Researcher Ready: Our library of 2500+ curated primary sources supports students and researchers exploring critical eras, events, themes, and cultures across U.S. and world history.

To learn more about the Schlager Digital Library, visit https://www.schlagergroup.com/schlager-digital-library/. For a demo, please email [email protected].