World History II 1500 - present

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Our World History II sourcebook can include any number of primary sources and textbook articles from our collection and can be divided into custom units/chapters as you see fit. To help you visualize the possibilities, we’ve created a standard version that includes 15 units that span from the pre-modern world to issues of globalization in the present. Create a review account to examine the complete contents and customize it to suit your own course.

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Table of Contents


Popol Vuh (ca. 250-925)
Qur’an (Koran) (ca. 610-632)
The Secret History of the Mongols (ca. 1250)
Mongol Conquest of Northern Rus (ca. 1265)
Mongol Capture of Kiev (ca. 1265)
Ala-ad-Din Ata-Malik Juvaini: The Capture of Bokhara (ca. 1265)
Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologiae (1266-1273)
Marco Polo: Description of Hangzhou (1298)
Ibn Battuta: Travels in Asia and Africa (1325-1354)