Schlager Anthologies for Students

Fresh, inclusive collections of primary sources are paired with accessible commentary in this reference series from Schlager Group. From iconic eras in American history to diverse communities at home and abroad, these publications highlight the essential documents that every researcher needs to know. In addition, they emphasize the voices and perspectives of often-marginalized communities, from African Americans to women to immigrants, Asian Americans, Latinos, the LBGTQ community, and more. Edited and introduced by leading scholars, Schlager Anthologies for Students are essential starting tools for library research.

The titles in this series are available individually in print, ebook, or print+ebook bundle form. In addition, the ebook versions are available for purchase or subscription via our E-Collections.

Ethnic, Gender, and Identity Studies

The Schlager Anthology of Women's History
The Schlager Anthology of Hispanic America
The Schlager Anthology of Black America

U.S. Eras and Events