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Our new ebook platform houses our entire catalog of primary source references. Built over a span of 15 years in collaboration with a global team of scholars, the content in the Schlager Digital Library offers a hybrid purpose: it serves as a comprehensive research tool but can also be used by faculty as assigned course material. Learn more.

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Praise for Our Titles


"​Expansive, authoritative, and should be a mainstay in any American history, civics, or social and political studies collection.​ Very highly recommended." (MBR review of Milestone Documents of the Supreme Court)


"An excellent resource for U.S. history and Latinx studies and research. This anthology of primary sources presents a treasure trove of documents that can be used in a class setting.... A comprehensive overview of Latinx history that was tailor-made for educators and students." (Library Journal starred review of The Schlager Anthology of Hispanic America)


"Though other books provide similar content, none have the extensive coverage and timeliness of Royles’s work. . . .  A highly useful and important tool for researchers and high school and college students and teachers." (Library Journal starred review of The Schlager Anthology of Black America)


"Accessible and inclusive, this anthology will be a valuable addition to high-school and college libraries alike." (Booklist review of The Schlager Anthology of Women's History)


“A valuable resource for high schoolers and undergraduates researching 'Manifest Destiny' in the U.S.” (Library Journal review of The Schlager Anthology of Westward Expansion)


"This set will undoubtedly become the premier reference work devoted to the subject. The signed essays are comprehensive, the writing is terrific, the research is outstanding, and the depth of analysis noteworthy." (ARBA review of Milestone Documents in American History)

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