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A new ebook platform housing our entire catalog of primary source references. Built over a span of 15 years in collaboration with a global team of scholars, the content in the Schlager Digital Library offers a hybrid purpose: it serves as a comprehensive research tool but can also be used by faculty as assigned course material.

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Designed and Used by Faculty for More than 15 Years

Our content comprises a singular focus on primary source documents: the letters, speeches, edicts, laws, legislation, and sacred texts that have influenced global history from ancient times to the present. Curated, introduced, and analyzed by scholars, the sources in our library have been published in reference book format since 2008, offering a comprehensive, trusted first step for historical research.

At the same time, faculty have been using our content as course materials for more than a decade, assigning it as required reading, using it in class debates, and suggesting it for research papers and projects.

Now, for the first time, we've collected our content in a single ebook platform designed for 24/7 use in the library, in the classroom, or remotely. It's available for perpetual access purchase or annual subscription. By Fall 2024, the platform will include 27 titles from our collection. We offer free trials of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or semester-length.

The content is useful for courses in US History, World History, Ethnic/Gender/Identity Studies, American Government, and World Religions.

About Our Platform

The Schlager Digital Library offers 24/7 access in the library, in the classroom, and at home. Users can download titles DRM-free, allowing faculty to assign the content as required course reading or for research purposes. Built by NewGen Knowledgeworks, which has worked with many academic and educational publishers around the globe, the platform offers an array of authentication and reporting tools.


Key Features

  • 24/7 access in the classroom, in the library, or remotely
  • DRM-free, unlimited user access, and unrestricted PDF download of titles
  • Search across titles, by broad subject, or by series
  • COUNTER5-compliant user statistics
  • Free MARC records
  • Available via purchase (perpetual access) or subscription. No annual maintenance fees.
  • Also available for high school and AP-level courses.


Please contact us for pricing: Email us at [email protected], or make your request in the trial form below. Pricing is based on FTE for academic institutions and number of schools purchasing at the K12 level.

Note: Discounts will be applied for any titles already in your collection, whether purchased directly through Schlager or through Gale, EBSCO, or ProQuest.

Title List: 2024-25 Academic Year


Milestone Documents series


Milestone Documents in American History 2nd ed.

Milestone Visual Documents in American History

Milestone Documents of the Supreme Court

Milestone Documents in World History 2nd ed.

Milestone Documents of U.S. Slavery

Milestone Documents of Christianity

Milestone Documents in African American History 1st ed.

Milestone Documents of World Religions 1st ed.

Milestone Documents of American Leaders 1st ed.

Schlager Anthologies series


The Schlager Anthology of Black America

The Schlager Anthology of Hispanic America

The Schlager Anthology of Women's History

The Schlager Anthology of the American Revolution

The Schlager Anthology of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

The Schlager Anthology of Westward Expansion

The Schlager Anthology of Early America

The Schlager Anthology of American Wars & Conflicts

The Schlager Anthology of the Ancient World


Historic Documents series


Historic Documents of the Great Depression and New Deal

Historic Documents of the Medieval World

Historic Documents of the Renaissance

Historic Documents of the Enlightenment

Historic Documents of the Middle East

Historic Documents of Asia

Historic Documents of Africa

Historic Documents of Latin America

The Schlager Manual of Primary Sources

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New and Forthcoming Ebooks

Edited by Eric Cunningham
4 vols, 2,100 pages
February 2024

The new edition of our landmark reference set, now updated for the first in 15 years, deepens the original edition's coverage of major themes in world history with more than 40 new entries across 4 volumes. These include excerpts from ancient classics such as the Analects of Confucius and Rig Veda, sacred texts such as the Koran, Enlightenment sources from Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Catherine the Great, and influential documents of the modern era such as Nelson Mandela's iconic speech “We Have Waited Too Long for Our Freedom" and the Paris Climate Accords. Like all installments in the “Milestone Documents" series, Milestone Documents in World History features in-depth scholarly commentary alongside each primary source, guiding students and researchers through a critical analysis of the source and its importance in world history.

3 vols, 1,000 pages
Edited by Paul Finkelman
March 2024

The era of slavery in the United States is the subject of this scholarly 3-volume reference set. Covering some 250 years in the nation's history, Milestone Documents of U.S. Slavery includes 100 critical primary sources, from essays, speeches, and letters to government documents such as legislation and court opinions. In each case, the primary source is paired with in-depth commentary from numerous scholars and historians. Edited by acclaimed slavery scholar Paul Finkelman, Milestone Documents of U.S. Slavery is an essential resource for anyone researching the development, features, and eventual abolition of slavery in the United States.

Edited by Joseph T. Stuart
3 vols, 900 pages
April 2024

From iconic Biblical texts to influential essays and papal opinions, Milestone Documents of Christianity explores nearly 80 primary sources about the world's largest religion. This 3-volume installment in the acclaimed “Milestone Documents" series of reference sets pairs the text of each document (in English or English translation) with in-depth scholarly commentary and analysis, guiding students and researchers to a better understanding of the document's historical context.

Edited by Kelli McCoy
3 vols, 832 pages
November 2023

The Schlager Anthology of Women's History offers a modern, original library reference set covering women's history from ancient times to the present day. This 3-volume set traces women's history through more than 200 critical historical documents: speeches, letters, court opinions, interviews, legislative documents, and more. Designed for high-school and undergraduate college students as well as general researchers, this set features carefully excerpted document texts, brief introductions to each source, and short-answer questions designed to facilitate skills related to analyzing primary sources and using historical evidence.