America and Its Sources

America and Its Sources

A Guided Journey through Key Documents, 1865-present

Edited by Erin L. Conlin and Stephan Schaffrath

Published by: Schlager Group Inc.

240 pages

  • eBook
  • ISBN: 9781935306375
  • Published: August 2019


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America and Its Sources: A Guided Journey through Key Documents, 1865-present is an innovative sourcebook designed for non-majors, ESL students, and other students who struggle with large amounts of reading. Through 14 focused units, the editors guide students from important post-1865 documents to major sources from contemporary America. Each unit includes a brief introduction to the era, unit questions, 5 expertly edited primary sources with overviews and guiding questions, and a unit review. This affordable sourcebook offers students the essential tools they need to examine and analyze primary sources without overwhelming them with lengthy and difficult texts.